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Double Triple Chance

Two times three equals six. With the aid of this simple calculation, players already know, before starting the game, what awaits them in Merkur’s new game, Double Triple Chance. The assumption that this game is…

Two times three equals six. With the aid of this simple calculation, players already know, before starting the game, what awaits them in Merkur’s new game, Double Triple Chance. The assumption that this game is the successor of the popular slot machine, Triple Chance, is in fact right. As opposed to the first version, Double Triple Chance offers its users twice as many opportunities to rake in high winnings. Essentially, the game thus follows simple rules that even inexperienced players can quickly learn. If you compare both game variants with each other, just a little has changed in the appearance and gaming technology. Sevens, fruits, and some additional symbols, which lead to a prize when they appear thrice, wait here too. As a consequence, the biggest difference lies in the higher chances of winning, which arise from the improvement of the proven Rewin feature in Double Triple Chance. These alone are reason enough to take a slightly closer look at the slot machine in the Sunmaker Casino and to try your luck once more.

Double Triple Chance

Structure and Theme

Double Triple Chance is also a classic slot machine equipped with three winning reels. Like we already have in the previous variant, five paylines were specified on which a combination each can arise. Each payline is graded individually so that getting multiple winnings is possible. The theme of Double Triple Chance is identical to that of the first version of the game. This time too, it is about delicious fruit, sevens, and some other symbols that seem to play a rather minor role. As usual, the winnings table, from which potential payouts come, is part of the game. The more money you bet, the more lucrative the winnings turn out to be. Whoever decides to place the minimum bet of five cents can win €7.50 through the appearance of three Merkur suns – symbols we gladly use by the way. The amount of €1,500 beckons everyone, who decides to place the maximum bet of €10.

Rules of the Game

The basic rules of Double Triple Chance are virtually identical to those of Triple Chance. This time as well, it is up to the player to specify a bet, which can be any of several amounts between five cents and a full ten euros. The number of the paylines cannot be changed however. Thus, each bet applies to all five paylines. Click on the green start button, as soon as you have decided on the amount you want to bet. So long as three identical symbols appear on one of the paylines, you receive your winnings based on prior request. Lastly, you have the option of using the Merkur gambling ladder, on which you can have your winnings doubled. Double Triple Chance promises its players winnings of up to a maximum amount of €1,500 per payline. Since each payline is subject to an independent score, multiple wins are also possible in a single round of the game as a result.

Specific functions

Again there appears to be a parallel between Triple Chance and the newer version, Double Triple Chance, namely the Rewin feature in the form of a unique wheel of fortune. In principle, the function is identical, but instead of the usual three we have currently, there are now six turns that are open to the player. A prize made up of fruits triggers the special function and the picture changes. As before, the aforesaid wheel of fortune consists of four areas. Three of those enable you to win anew the winnings you just received before. The fourth field stops the bonus round and throws the player back to the normal game mode. So long as the wheel remains on “Rewin,” players may spin it six times and thus increase their actual winnings sixfold. Since this feature alone can give rise winnings payments, the makers of Double Triple Chance have foregone additional features like jokers and free game rounds for instance. According to the value of the bet placed, this rare special function gives rise to winnings of up to several thousand euros, which the customer of the Sunmaker Casino can collect at any time.


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