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In General

When you visit a webpage or application, your computer creates text files known as cookies, which are stored in your browser or on your hard drive. Cookies enhance your browsing experience on our portal.

By visiting and using the services of our website, you agree to your computer storing cookies. You can certainly use our website without cookies; however, please note that some sections of the website may not function properly, and navigation might be slower.

If you do not wish to use cookies, you will need to configure your internet browser to deny them. This can be achieved by adjusting specific settings in your browser.

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Important note

We don’t have umpteen tracking tools running to see what happens on this website. Our cookies are limited to a few analysis tools such as analytics. However, we earn our money with advertising and if you visit our advertising customers, a cookie is also required for this. The advertising helps us to finance and maintain this offer.

Most content projects refinance themselves in two ways: There is the option of a paywall, which you know from daily newspapers and magazines, and also the option of advertising. Directly or indirectly. We don’t like to run lots of banners on the pages, so advertising is more indirect, e.g. through clicks to advertising partners. There are no costs for you. We also do not collect or pass on any data in this context.

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